Alan Khazei's Vision for America

Khazei, a public service program organizer has made two unsuccessful campaigns bids for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. He placed third in the 2010 Democratic primary special election. In 2012 he withdrew from the primary due to lack of funds and media attention. This was the website created in 2009 when Alan A. Khazei made his first bid for elective office in the special U.S. Senate Democratic primary election. Once the site's usefulness was over, its domain registration expired.

I learned about the Boston-based group, Be the Change, Inc. that Khazei created and is its chief executive officer from friends who live in Boston. I was deeply impressed with his dedication to building national coalitions of non-profit organizations and citizens to enact legislation on issues such as poverty and education. At the same time, I was preparing for a significant change in my own life: a 27-month stint with the Peace Corps in Africa. As I packed up my life, I found myself lingering over my cherished cast iron skillets. These trusty companions had been with me through countless meals, shared with friends and loved ones. Their weight in my hands was familiar and comforting, a symbol of home and continuity. Meanwhile, Khazei was making his move, mounting a run for the Democratic primary special election. Despite being caught up in my own whirlwind of preparations, I kept one eye on the political landscape, intrigued by his journey. When I returned from my Peace Corps service, Khazei was once again making a bid for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. His second campaign, unfortunately, did not last as long as the first, a fact that saddened me. As I reacquainted myself with the comforts of home, I reflected on the changes and constants that shape our lives.

Recently I discovered that the domain,, was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating as much of its original content as possible from archived pages. Already a Chinese site had purchase the domain and re-purposed the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. Eventually the domain registration expired for the Chinese iteration of Alan for I did not want that to happen again. Alan Khazei did not win the special election in 2009 for Ted Kennedy's vacant senate seat, but his vision was strong and I believe the Khazei Principles of ending the era of big government and ushering in a new era of what he calls “big citizenship” should remain available to web visitors. Please view this content in its historical context.


Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent
Now let's travel back to 2009 when the campaign of Alan Khazei was in full gear pushing his reform agenda.


Alan Khazei, a son of immigrants and a Harvard graduate, co-founded City Year in Boston as a model domestic Peace Corps. President Bill Clinton was inspired by City Year to create AmeriCorps and, as a result, 575,000 Americans have contributed 700 million hours of service educating our children, conserving our environment, and fighting poverty. In 2006, US News and World Report named Alan one of America’s 25 Best Leaders, and the Boston Globe Magazine identified him as one of 11 Bostonians Changing the World. In 2008, the NonProfit Times named Alan Khazei an Executive of the Year. For a complete bio of Alan, please click here.



The Khazei Principles: A Citizen’s Interests, Facts First Approach to Policy

In all aspects of his life, Alan has always led by example. In this campaign, he has followed a consistent approach to developing his plans and positions that always starts by putting the citizens interests ahead of the special interests.

Creating Jobs & Growing the Economy

Alan Khazei is the only candidate to propose an innovative New Jobs Stimulus that will create over 7 million jobs. Alan supports Job Creation Tax Credits, increased tax benefits and support for small businesses, aid for cities and towns, and growing nonprofits.

Confronting Climate Change & Creating Clean Energy Jobs

Alan supports passing Climate Change Legislation to put a price on carbon pollution and is the only candidate to call for quadrupling investment in Clean Energy Research, Creating a national Clean Energy Institute, issuing Clean Energy Independence Bonds, and financing solar energy and energy efficient jobs.

Improving Health Care Access, Quality and Affordability for All

Alan supports passing the Senate health care bill and is the only candidate to offer a comprehensive plan to increase health care access, improve quality and lower costs by addressing the major sources of inefficiency and increased health care costs.

Insuring Access to Quality Affordable Education from Pre-K through College

Alan has proposed one of the most innovative and comprehensive education reform programs in history and will fight to make a quality education for all the defining civil rights and jobs issue of the 21st century. Alan is the only candidate supporting investing in charter public schools, increasing teacher pay and accountability, expanding the school day and year and paying for the full cost of college for each year of community service.

A New Approach to Afghanistan: A Ten Point Strategy to Redefine Our Mission

Alan opposed sending more troops to Afghanistan in a major address at Harvard in November and presented his Ten Point Plan for Redefining America’s Mission.

A New Strategy of Pragmatic Internationalism for American Foreign Policy

Alan understands that the global issues we confront are deeply interrelated and cannot be solved by military means alone, nor by unilateralism. He believes the US must continue to lead and work in concert with our allies. 

A Framework for Peace & Stability in the Middle East

Alan will advocate to make progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a central diplomatic priority and supports a coordinated strategy with our allies to improve Israel’s  relations with other Middle East states, enabling greater economic and political cooperation across the region.


Alan opposes predatory gambling, casinos and slot machines in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Supporting Our Veterans & Military Families

Alan will ensure that veterans receive world-class health and medical care, that they are provided with the most effective tools and resources when reintegrating back into civilian life, and that their families receive care and support for their own unique sacrifices.

Ensuring Equality for Members of the LGBT Community

Alan will work hard to ensure that all LBGT Americans win the right to marry whom they choose, adopt children, and receive the equal benefits and equal wages that they deserve.

Protecting a Woman’s Reproductive Rights

Alan strongly supports the principles established in Roe vs. Wade, and will fight to ensure they are protected by supporting judicial nominees with the same commitment.  He will work to ensure that women have access to reproductive health care.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Alan supports government efforts to help our workers balance the dual demands of work and family so that they never have to choose between them.

Fighting for Pay Equality

Alan supports the Paycheck Fairness Act to deter wage discrimination by closing loopholes in the Equal Pay Act and barring retaliation against workers who disclose their wages.  In addition, Alan will fight for policies that address all forms of gender discrimination, including pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment.

Developing Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Alan believes we should allow undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship. We need to do a better job securing our border, verify workers' employment eligibility, and must punish employers who knowingly violate our laws.

Championing Federal Funding for Stem Cell Research

Alan will champion stem cell research which holds great promise to cure life-threatening diseases. Federal funding will galvanize stem cell research, save thousands of lives and bring high quality jobs to our Commonwealth.

Opposing the Death Penalty

Alan strongly opposes the death penalty. It is ineffective, costly, and just plain wrong.  Alan trusts the security of our prisons, and believes the death penalty has no place in a 21st Century America.
Supporting Commonsense Gun Laws and Responsible Ownership
Alan supports commonsense gun laws and ownership for responsible citizens.





Idealistic striver for EMK seat no starry-eyed dreamer
Source: The Providence Journal

Sen. Edward Kennedy’s finest moment in his waning time on Earth was to embrace the new politics of Barack Obama, a severe blow to reigning Democrats Hillary and Bill Clinton. Coming on the eve of crucial primary contests in 2008, Kennedy’s support was pivotal. The question for Massachusetts voters in the contest to succeed Kennedy is whether they too will reject standard politics and try something — someone — different. Among the four in the race, two seasoned politicians and two newcomers, Alan Khazei is the class of the field. Khazei has made John F. Kennedy’s exhortation “Ask not what your country can do for you” his life’s mission. Now 48, Khazei has spent 20 years heading nonprofit organizations — notably City Year — rooted in the belief that citizen activism can change the country, not just the political culture.


Editorial: More Senate seat debates needed
Source: Enterprise News

The four Democrats vying for the nomination to fill Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat in a primary just a few weeks away squared off again Thursday, but you had to be listening to a Boston radio station in the morning to hear it. You had to be in the audience for a Boston Chamber of Commerce event last month when the candidates first shared a stage. And you had to be in the eastern part of the state to watch the campaign's only prime-time debate, a face-off at the Kennedy Library Oct. 26. So far, that's it. No more debates are planned, though several of the candidates call for more at every opportunity.


Meet the Candidate: City Year co-founder Alan Khazei
Source: NECN

Alan Khazei and his wife, Vanessa Kirsch, a social entrepreneur bustle around the kitchen of their Brookline, Massachusetts home. It is one-thirty on a Tuesday afternoon and -- in an unusual moment -- they're both home for a quick stop. Their life was already crazy busy. The pair has a seven-year-old daughter Mirabelle. Son Reese was born just 16 months ago. And then Khazei decided to run for the U.S. Senate seat left open by the death of Edward M. Kennedy.


The War Takes Center Stage In Senate Race
Source: --- NPR Boston
— It was the war in Afghanistan and who should fight it that took center stage Thursday in the Democratic primary race. All four Democratic candidates met to debate on WTKK radio. They were asked whether they support a military draft. City Year co-founder Alan Khazei said no. “We have an all-volunteer fighting force,” Khazei said. “It’s the most effective fighting force in the world. They’re the best trained, best equipped and best at fighting wars for us. We don’t need it.”


11.13.2009br /> Senate candidate Khazei throws down gauntlet to comedian/pundit Stephen Colbert
Source: The Brookline Tab

U.S. Senate candidate Alan Khazei has taken a break from challenging his Democratic opponents to a debate to challenge America's favorite faux right-wing pundit, Stephen Colbert, to moderate a debate in the Bay State. Khazei, co-founder of City Year and a Brookline resident, posted a YouTube video to his campaign website, in which he invites Colbert, a political satirist who portrays a blowhard talk show host on Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," to test his mettle against "four progressive Democrats."




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